Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a solution for companies that want to quickly and economically solve the problem of staff shortage. Enjez will help to overcome your personnel gap: we will provide highly qualified specialists in the required IT area.

What is Staff Augmentation?

This is a model of outsourcing, with which you can add well-trained, experienced specialists to your team, and hire them remotely through Enjez. It does not require you to spend time and high costs on legal, payroll, location, and logistical needs, as we offer a quick, convenient and affordable solution for that. We provide a pool of talents where you will select a person who will close the gap in your team or even create a full-fledged working group. Staff Augmentation is the most flexible option allowing you to scale up or down the team, adapting to your changing business needs.

Areas of work

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Software development
Game development
Technical Support
Cloud computing
Mining & Processing
Security audit/Cyber security
Software testing & QA
Networks support

When should you use Staff Augmentation?

You plan to strengthen your own team

Do you have developers or other specialists, but need more experienced specialists or people with niche knowledge? In this case, you can expand the team by combining internal resources with external ones. This is the most common model of Staff Augmentation.

Need for people with special skills

During product development, there is often a need for people with certain specialized knowledge. You can expand the team temporarily, involving technical specialists in the desired area. Becoming a part of your internal team, they will facilitate a smooth and efficient workflow.

The task is urgent to complete

Finding a new IT specialist is a long and complicated process: it can take about two months from the publication of an ad to adaptation. If you can’t afford to wait that long, we offer instant access to a large database of developers from all over the world. They are ready to work now!

Covering the shortage of personnel

At the start of the project, there is not always an understanding of how many people are needed to implement the tasks. You can use the Staff Augmentation format to start development, and in the process determine what your team should be. Or we will provide a (standby) specialists to be used when needed through the project.

Find specialists for a team in four simple steps

Tell us about your needs

Describe your team requirements and tell us more about the project. Use the feedback form for this.

Schedule a video call

Let's discuss the details. We support a personal approach, so you will get the best offer that fully meets your demands

Choose a team

Our HR and technical specialists will do interviews and send you CVs of applicants. You will be able to approve each of the candidates personally.

Start working

After signing the contract, you can start workflow: your team is ready to perform the tasks!

Our advantages

Lower risks

With ENJEZ you take less risk. Our diverse service models and personal solutions guarantee extensive opportunities for our partners.

Flexibility and scalability

The optimal price-quality ratio is the principle of ENJEZ. We can achieve this through an individual approach to every project.

Client-oriented approach

Consistent communication is the main advantage of our approach. We give customers exactly what they expect and quickly respond to requests.

Support of innovation

We offer you innovative approaches that fit your business needs. ENJEZ brings together highly qualified specialists.

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