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where our accumulated 60+ years of experience have culminated into a single tech-hub. A hub of talents and services, clicks away from fulfilling your needs.

Today’s interconnected world still suffers from talent gaps. Talents are accessible, almost any service is doable, yet, regionally and internationally, it remains burdensome to fulfill specific expertise needs.

The reason is a simple combination: passive communication and lack in result oriented agile execution.

We created Enjez as an answer.

So, let’s get it done!

Mothanna Gharaibeh

Mothanna Gharaibeh


Isam Bayazidi

Isam Bayazidi


Saher Obaid

Saher Obaid



To fulfill business technical needs as they evolve, with optimally structured committed tech-teams.


A world where businesses and ideas can thrive in a rich ecosystem oftalents, resources and possibilities.

We are different

Reduced risks with protective factors

Our flexibility in models de-risks your investment. Results are delivered through a wide variety of models and tailored solutions, at ENJEZ we guarantee that you are in an empowering partnership that allows you to focus on your business growth.

Customer centric approach

Consistent open communication is central to our approach. We believe in clear mutual understandings and prompt responsiveness. Clients often desire a level of added value that can only emerge from healthy communication and co-thinking.

Flexibility and scalability

We can afford to provide you with a high value-to-cost ratio through flexibility in methods, technologies and partnership models. We take into consideration your long term goals and growth projections, due to the mentioned customer centric approach.

Encouraged innovation

We understand that some projects require innovation as much as efficient high quality delivery. Our diverse pool of talented expertise comes with an extra added value: we can provide you with innovative solutions when you need them.

Boosting the growth of your business with reliable outsourcing services

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