Managed Service

Free yourself from the burden, associated with the deployment of information infrastructure and process management. Save time and resources on product development. We take care of updates, monitoring and support.

What is a Managed Service?

This is a service delivery model in which Enjez manages certain aspects of the client’s IT infrastructure. These services may include monitoring, management, support, updating and protection of software, databases, etc. The main goal of Managed Service is to ensure the smooth operation of IT systems, reduce the cost of maintaining them and increase efficiency. At the same time, we take responsibility for the quality of the system and its support, and you can concentrate on your main business processes.

Areas of work

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Software development
Game development
Technical Support
Cloud computing
Mining & Processing
Security audit/Cyber security
Software testing & QA
Networks support

When should you use Managed Service?

Technical and support type services

Managed services works best for for technical support, payroll support, customer service or even internal IT support. The types of work with clearly defined processes, activities and key performance indicators (KPIs).

You lack of in-house expertise

If your company lacks the necessary expertise or resources to manage a particular service, Enjez can take on the responsibility for organization of the work process and the outcome.

You want to make your costs predictable

If you want to budget and plan for your IT expenses more effectively, then managed service is the best option. We can offer fixed-fee pricing, which means that you pay a predictable monthly fee.

You want to focus on core business activities

By outsourcing the management of certain services, you can focus on your core activities and competencies. Managed service allows you to delegate non-core functions to a third-party.

You need a high level of reliability

We offer service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee a high level of uptime and availability. Enjez will ensure that your critical systems or applications stay up and running.

Manage your processes in four steps

Discuss your goals and tasks with a representative of Enjez. We are a supporters of the personalized approach, that will allow you to meet your demands.

We will analyze your needs and develop a prototype solution - a general description of the software products that will be used.

After approval of the work plan, Enjez begins its implementation. We involve IT engineers who have relevant experience and skills.

We take care of the support and maintenance with the created solution 24/7 when needed. We keep on reviewing our work for quality control and enhancements.

Our advantages


The Enjez team can provide wide coverage of services and the implementation of the most modern processes thanks to a constantly updated knowledge base and retraining of specialists. We provide services around the clock and seven days a week.

Minimizing the costs

This is proved in practice that in the vast majority of cases, clients bear significantly lower costs when outsourcing to Jordan than if they were organizing their own IT team.

Lower risks

With ENJEZ you take less risk. Our diverse service models and personal solutions guarantee extensive opportunities for our partners. With Enjez Managed Services you can de-risk your investment!

Areas of experience

Enjez has experience with a wide range of areas. For a number of sectors, support is mandatory and requires special knowledge and experience that only a seasoned team can provide.

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