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As an experienced IT outsourcing company, we understand the challenges faced by businesses of different sizes and industries. We believe that our success is measured by the success of our clients, therefore at ENJEZ we guarantee that you are in an empowering partnership that allows you to focus on your business growth.

What do we offer?

IT outsourcing is the process of assigning some or all IT tasks of an enterprise or organization to an external company. This means that instead of having your own IT team and infrastructure to develop and support information systems, you can turn to Enjez. We will provide you with the necessary resources and expertise.

Our guarantees

Compliance with deadlines

Minimum time to respond to a client request and really fast problem solving

Round-the-clock support

Personal approach to customer advice and support of joint projects


Fast work on tasks, instant response to possible risks and challenges

Data security and privacy

Protection of data in compliance with such regulations as GDPR and HIPAA

Choose the right service

Why do you need outsourcing?

Why Enjez?

Resilient environment

Advanced infrastructure and Enjez’ Cloud-based systems are at your service as you grow or scale.


We have extensive experience in IT outsourcing and guarantee a 100% competence of our specialists.

Competitive cost

We provide cost savings access to technologies and specialists, while you can focus on your core business.


We place a strong emphasis on understanding your unique needs and tailoring our services to achieve the desired outcome.

Boosting the growth of your business with reliable outsourcing services

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