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Beyond IT Outsourcing

At Enjez, we’re not just your typical IT outsourcing company. We understand the challenges that businesses of all sizes and industries face, and we believe in success that transcends the balance sheet. Our mission is to empower not only your business but also the talented youth of Jordan through comprehensive training and capacity-building initiatives, fostering employability and social change.

Empowering Success Together

Enjez is dedicated to fostering growth on multiple fronts. We guarantee that when you choose us as your IT partner, you’re entering into a partnership that contributes to your business’s success, the nurturing of bright young minds, and the future of employment in Europe. Our Diverse Offerings: 

What do we offer?

While we excel in IT outsourcing, we go beyond the ordinary by investing in the future. Our innovative approach combines top-tier IT solutions with meaningful capacity-building efforts for the youth.
Jordanian Youth in the IT Outsourcing field

Cutting-edge IT Outsourcing

Outsource your IT tasks to us, leveraging our expertise and resources for streamlined operations.

Youth Empowerment

As part of our charitable objective, we upskill young talents, creating a pathway to employment in Europe. We offer financing options that align with your journey to success, from "pay after employment" to grants by governments and NGOs, and even free training courses.

AI-Powered Hiring and Training

We harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through DYNA, our partner. the state-of-the-art engine. DYNA streamlines hiring and training, ensuring that you're matched with the right talent and equipped with cutting-edge skills.

Why do you need outsourcing?

Data Security and Privacy: A Commitment to Excellence

At Enjez, safeguarding the security and privacy of your data is of paramount importance to us. We are actively in the process of obtaining GDPR and Swiss certifications, a testament to our unwavering commitment to data protection. Rest assured, our stringent data security and protection measures are not just a promise but a practice deeply ingrained in our operations. Your information is handled with the utmost care, following best practices and protocols to ensure its confidentiality and integrity. We maintain a relentless focus on evolving our security standards, always striving to meet and exceed the highest international benchmarks, so you can trust us with your data without any hesitation.

Data Security & Privacy in Jordan- IT Outsourcing Company

Join the Journey

Shape Your Success and Impact Lives. Together, we’re not just embracing innovation in IT; we’re transforming lives and careers. By collaborating with Enjez, you’re contributing to the enrichment of Jordan’s youth, fostering employability in Europe, and ensuring the security of your data.

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