Dedicated Team

Get a team of professionals, carefully selected according to project requirements. Implement your plans without spending time on solving personnel and management problems. We offer a custom-made solution.

What is a “Dedicated Team”?

This is a model of outsourcing where Enjez will assign a full IT team along with it’s needed leadership and management that can work for you remotely. You don’t have to spend time on day to day management or individual team member performance. You simply communicate the objectives to the team and the dedicated team will deliver. You will oversee the team’s outputs through regular reporting. Dedicated Teams work best for Agile Software Projects or operational activities with clear goals or deliverables.

Areas of work

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Software development
Game development
Technical Support
Cloud computing
Mining & Processing
Security audit/Cyber security
Software testing & QA
Networks support

When should you use a Dedicated Team?

When you start working on a long-term project

Dedicated team service is ideal when you have a project or multiple projects that will run for an extended period, and you need a team of experts to work on it consistently.

When you need to launch your product fast

Dedicated team can help you meet the deadline by providing you with a team of experts who can work on the project full-time and deliver it within the required timeframe.

When you need to upscale or downscale your project

If you work in conditions of constant changes, then dedicated team service can help you quickly scale your resources up or down based on your project’s changing requirements.

When you are looking for a cost-effective solution

If you want to save on recruitment, training, and infrastructure costs, hiring a Dedicated team from Enjez can be cost-effective compared to hiring in-house employees, if you need to complete a one-time project or even if it’s continuous.

Build a team in four simple steps

Determine the number and skill set of potential employees. Fill out the form or contact us in another convenient way.

Discuss the details with a representative of Enjez. We support a personal approach, so you will get the best offer that fully meets your demands.

Enjez workers will select IT specialists with relevant knowledge and qualifications to gather a team and prepare for work.

The team constantly works only for your project, learns about needed outputs and performs each task according to the general feedback.

Our advantages

Skilled professionals

Enjez provides teams of skilled professionals, who have expertise in a wide range of technologies and platforms. You can leverage their knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality products and services.


You do not have to worry about recruitment, training, and infrastructure expenses. Enjez takes care of everything. You pay only for the services that you need and can save on overhead costs such as salaries, benefits, and office space.

Smooth Communication

Enjez provides seamless communication channels and collaboration tools that ensure a high level of transparency and coordination between your company and the Dedicated team, leading to better project outcomes.

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