Why Jordan?

Jordan is already trusted by global and regional tech giants! It also has number of top notch technology outsourcing companies due to two main factors: Its resilient and enabling infrastructure , and its young and highly talented people.

Three reasons to outsource your IT services to Jordan

Jordan has highly qualified specialists in the field of IT and software due to the developed system of higher education and investments in this sector. This allows companies to find talented employees with a high level of technical knowledge and skills.

Jordan has a favorable geographical position, which allows companies to easily communicate with customers from the USA, Europe and Western Asia. The country also has a high quality Internet connection, which is an important factor for the work of outsourcing companies.

The Jordanian government actively supports the development of the outsourcing industry in the country, providing tax incentives and other benefits for foreign companies investing in the IT and software sector.

People you can trust

Are you suffering with the usual outsourcing problems?

Enjez positions itself in the market as the answer to the inherent problems of technology outsourcing. Our experience, supported by statistics and surveys, indicate that most companies outsourcing their IT processes offshore suffer from the same specific pain points:

We also understand that most clients are also dissatisfied with the lack of any kind of customer-centric approach in this industry. Finally, clients and Enjez both clearly identify the gap between providers and cutting edge technology.. ENJEZ was founded as a solution to these pain points. We are here to fill the gap in the market and get it done.

Expand into the MENA market

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market presents a unique and exciting opportunity for business growth.

3.46 T

GDP in USD in 2021
GDP Per Capita Higher than World Average


GDP Growth Rate in 2021
Higher than World Average


Consumer digital economy to double in three years to reach $100 billion


5G subscriptions to reach
150 million in 2026


AI to contribute more than $300 billion
by 2031 to Middle East GDP

At Enjez, we understand the challenges of expanding into the MENA market. By partnering with us,
you’ll have access to a wide range of services designed to help you achieve your business goals.

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